Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stan Apps & Douglas Rothschild

will be reading on Thursday, August 20th at 7:30 pm.

It could easily be observed that Douglas Rothschild has pretty much leapt from one monumental failure to the next -- except that for most of us, there has been nothing at all monumental about his failures....tasks which most of us hire someone else to do -- Mr. Rothschild painstakingly embarks on. & generally, if not falling flat on his face, at least skins his knees.... He is also the author of Theogeny from Subpress, perhaps the finest volume of its kind since A. Leyeles' Fabius Lind.

Stan Apps writes essays, poems, emails, screeds, sermonettes, and the like. He writes with an enviable speed and lack of calculation. His friend Ara Shirinyan calls him a "mass-productionist." A big brick of essays is forthcoming from Combo Books, and Sonnets is forthcoming in the g.e. series from Books and Bookshelves. Other ongoing projects include a children's book called Jakarta and a memoir titled Don't Shoot! It's Jesus! He has also published several volumes of poetry, but those were different times.

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Max Wolf Valerio said...

Hope I'm still on your mailing list David! I will get to a reading there one of these days soon. I saw some photos there from the "old days" and was happy to see them. See you one day not too long from now at a reading --

Max Valerio