Saturday, August 20, 2011

Burns & Dressen: August 30th at Moe's

Books & Bookshelves' g.e. collective has published two more books: Avery Burns' for and Tiff Dressen's for Aeolus, both edited by Valerie Witte.

The poets will read at Moe's in Berkeley on Tuesday, August 30th at 7:30pm.

Here's the announcement:

TUESDAY, August 30, 7:30
Moe's Books
A reading featuring two recent chapbooks from the ge collective


for, by Avery Burns
"a little rib / a potato / just right / at 10 / at night"
-from for

Avery Burns lives with his family in Concord, CA. During the daylight hours, he works in the SF Financial District at a Bank, while at night he has a clear view of Venus out the bedroom window. Avery continues into his second decade of hosting occasional readings and art shows at Canessa Park Gallery in SF. He also continues to work on lyric& books and the possibility of another issue of 26 Magazine. He wrote a series of poems in homage to Robert Creeley in the early weeks of April 2005.


for Aeolus, variations on the element, by Tiff Dressen
". . . An 'infinite rhythm' recurs in these passages from mythic to lyric-so that the poet discovers, in the codes of the breath, a primeval play of elements, 'sounds / we could wrap / ourselves around.'"-Andrew Joron, on for Aeolus

Tiff Dressen lives in Oakland, works at UC Berkeley, and peregrinates in between. Her lifelong pursuit is the synchronization of her left and right brain. She makes little books of poetry on occasion and frequently finds herself meditating on the color of Ionian sea and the Ionian sky. She is currently reading the The Hart Crane Voyages by Hunce Voelcker, an excellent copy of which she found at Moe's.

Moe's Books · · 2476 Telegraph Ave. · Berkeley CA 94704 · (510) 849-2087

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