Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Noel Black & Sara Larsen

will be reading on

Thursday, September 24nd at 7:30

sara larsen is a writer who lives in Berkeley. She co-edits TRY! magazine, a bi-monthly literary/arts zine, with david brazil, and is founder of earthworm press & projects. her chapbooks include to paradise a dashboard (autonomous earth press), doubly circulatory (artifact press), 2000 decembers (ampersand press), 23 Chromosomes for David Wojnarowitz (earthworm press & projects), and most recently, NOVUS (earthworm press & projects).

Noel Black dropped out of what used to be New College a long time ago (1998?). He still writes poems, but not as many as he wishes he did. He left San Francisco in 2001 after being evicted and now lives in Colorado Springs with his Wife, artist Marina Eckler, and son, Ursen Black. They lived in Brooklyn last year, but decided it wasn't for them and went back to Colorado Springs. He is the author, most recently, of "In The City of Word People," which will be available at the reading.

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