Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jeanne Powell, Bill Vartnaw & Q.R. Hand

will be reading on Tuesday, August 11th at 7:30.

Originally published in 1968 classic, Black Fire, an anthology of African American writing, edited by Amiri Baraka (Leroy Jones) and Larry Neal, which has recently been reproduced by Black Classics Press, Q. R. Hand, Jr. is the author of three poetry books, i speak to the poet in man (jukebox press) how sweet it is (Zeitgeist Press) and whose really blues, new & selected poems (Taurean Horn Press). He is an original member of the Wordwind Chorus, a Bay Area quartet that has performed poetry with jazz for over twenty years. Wordwind has one cd, we are of the saying. He has also been anthologized in the The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry (Thunder's Mouth Press) and New American Underground Poetry Vol. 1: The Babarians of San Francisco—Poets from Hell (The Press of San Francisco). Martha Cinader Mims on the website, Poetry, wrote: “In many ways the story of his life is an aspect of the legend of his generation, his personal approach to poetry inextricable from his focus on the civil rights movement and social service.”

Jeanne Powell is the author of MY OWN SILENCE and WORD DANCING. She writes poetry and fiction, film reviews and in-your-face essays. And she teaches history every summer to at-risk youth.

With the publication of Suburbs of my Childhood this year from Beatitude Press, Bill Vartnaw is the author of two books of poetry. He moved to San Francisco is 1973 and established Taurean Horn Press following the Bay Area Poets Coalition's first Summer Solstice Festival the next year. To date, Taurean Horn Press has published fourteen books, including his own In Concern: for Angels (1984). Vartnaw's work has appeared in various literary magazines over the last 35 years and in a Mini-Taur poemphlet, If You Should Die a Fool, You Will Be No Less Wiser For It (1975). More information about poet/publisher is available at

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