Thursday, May 28, 2009

Christopher Sweeney, Adrian Shirk and Robert Snyderman

will be reading on

Monday, June 15th at 7:30

Christopher Sweeney (born 1987) is an American poet, publisher and student popularly credited as the editor-in-chief of Correspondence, a biannual literary journal distributed by the collectively organized small press The Corresponding Society. He was raised in Pleasantville, New York, and matriculated at the Pratt Institute of Brooklyn with a thesis concentration in poetry and supplemental courses of study in continental philosophy and French. He lived in a tenement in East Williamsburg for a year before relocating to Brooklyn’s Bed-Stuy neighborhood and sharing an apartment primarily with his colleagues Robert Snyderman and Lonely Christopher as well as Adrian Shirk. Sweeney has studied French, German and Latin and recently has begun translating works by poets such as Stéphane Mallarmé.

Adrian Shirk is a contributing editor of Correspondence. She was born on a stifling hot Labor Day in Brooklyn, 1988, and raised in Portland, Oregon, collectively by musicians and social workers. She writes short fiction, long poems, family mythology, literature-to-be-read-aloud and how-to’s. She is trying to sell “a vision of eternal oranges and sunshine door-to-door in a land where people [eat] apples and it rains a lot.” Shirk is a student in The Writing Program at Pratt Institute.

Robert Snyderman is a poet. He was born in Pennsylvania. He has experimented with writing poetry as a means to document as well as a means to ‘exorcise’ as well as a means to making a modest living. He spent a year doing a lot of experimental theater in New York City. He directed, designed and wrote five plays during that time. He is currently searching for a new home. His first book, entitled CLOTH/FACE, was co-written with Christopher Sweeney, and will come out from Seven CirclePress this fall.

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